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Choosa Choosa Song Lyrics

Album: Dhruva

Chusa Chusa Chusa
Okka Hrudhayaney Hrudhayaney
Kalisaa Kalisa Kalisaa
Aa Hrudhayanie Hrudhayanie
Adugulu Vesaa Vesaa
Hrudhayamuthoo Hrudhayamuthoo
Andhinchaa Naa Hrudhayam

Aaa Hrudhayamukey

Aaa Hrudhayamukey

 Naa Matalani Nee Peruthoney
Nindalie Theeyaga Aaa
Naa Batalani Nuvvannachotey
Aagali Haayiga Aaa
Oopiralley Niku Thodugaa
Undali Anna Chinna Korika Aaa

Chusa Chusa Chusaa
Oka Hrudhayaney Hrudhayaney
Kalisaa Kalisaa Kalisaa
Aa Hrudayannie Hrudhayannie
Adugulu Vesaa Vesaa
Hrudayamutho Hrudayamutho
Andhincha Naaa Hrudhaayam
Aaa Hrudhayamukey

Chusa Kalisa Kalisa Kalisa

Matt Matt Matalaadey Okkatti
Chinn Chinn Chindhulesey Okkatti
This Is The Story Of Them
Two Little Hearts Come On

Mataladey Okkatti Manam Marokkattai
Chindhulesey Okkatti Sthiranga Okatti
Ganthuthoney Okkatti Dhuranga Okatti
Premalley Okkatti Prasnalle Okatti

Chusa Chusa Chusa
Oka Hrudhayanney Hrudhayaney
Kalisa Kalisa Kalisa
Aa Hrudhayanie Hrudhayanie
Adugulu Vesaa Vesaa
Hrudhayamutho Hrudayamuthoo
Andhinchaa Naa Hrudhayam
Aaa Hrudhayamukey…

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